Recruit – A – Friend

If every member-owner household recruited just one more household this month, we would exceed our milestone goal of 250 member-owners. For the month of January, we are offering 3 hours of volunteer credit for every member-owner household you recruit (normally it is 1 hour for every referral). Print out some applications, fill in your name on the referral line, give the applications to your friends and close contacts and encourage them to join the Co-op. You can go one step further and provide them with a stamped envelope addressed to the Co-op.

Recruiting new member-owners is an easy and important way to volunteer!

Recruitment Ideas

  • Send A Personal Note – Send an  email or letter along with a copy of the application to your friends. Contact us and we can provide you some sample letters or email messages to use.
  • Make It Social –  Invite your friends out for coffee or drinks and tell them you want them to join the Co-op. Bring some applications and review the answers to Frequently Asked Questions ahead of time so you can answer their questions. For any questions that you can’t answer, please feel free to follow up with us by email or phone (215-839-8213).
  • Host a Dinner Party and Co-op Talk – Plan a dinner party for your friends and close contacts who might be interested in joining the Co-op. We’ll send someone to your house to talk about the Co-op, answer questions, and accept the applications and equity investments. If you would like to host Co-op Dinner Party, send us an email.

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