The South Philly Food Co-op is an effort to open a member-owned grocery store in the South Philly area.  It’s your opportunity to become a member-owner of your own store, giving you a say in what products and services the store offers, and the policies that govern it.  By joining now you’ll be one the 250 Founding Members of what we hope will become a huge part of neighborhood life: a source of jobs for members of the community and a place to get locally grown, ethically raised and responsibly produced food at fair prices.

Our membership investment is set at $200. This is not a fee, or a donation. It’s a one-time investment in the store. You can pay in full or installments.

Join now by filling out the online applicationWe encourage everyone to use the online application and if possible, please send a check (rather than using your credit card through PayPal).

Please make your checks payable to “South Philly Food Co-op” and mail with a printout of your confirmation or a copy of the application to:

South Philly Food Co-op
P.O. Box 31506
Philadelphia, PA 19147

Within 30 days after receipt of payment, you will receive a welcome letter and your membership card. Please note: Member-owner status will not be granted until both your application and initial equity payment have been received.

Prefer to send us a paper application? Click here.

Looking for the Terms of Member-Ownership? Click here.

Would you like someone to contact you about becoming a member-owner? We’d be happy to answer your questions. Please send your name and phone number to