Joe Marino

2011 Board Elections Candidate Statement:

I have had the privilege of being a life-long resident of South Philly, devoting my adult life to my community and public service.

Founding Co-Chair of the East Passyunk Crossing Civic Association (EPX I have also served as Chair of the Central South Philadelphia Civic Association Alliance, representing nine neighborhoods, since its inception.

I serve on the Advisory Council for Neumann-Goretti, the PA Board of Pharmacy, am Secretary of the Philadelphia Gay Men’s Chorus, and recently joined the formation committee for the Italian American Museum of Philadelphia.

I’ve had the opportunity to assist South Philly Food Coop (SPFC) in several ways, providing meeting space for their first Community Meeting, meeting with committee members regarding funding opportunities and insurance, and securing presentations for SPFC before EPX and CSPCAA.

I believe in the multiplicity of voices and the wisdom of the cooperative model. Too often I have seen pyramid organizations with no accountability to the membership. As co-chair of EPX I have made it my task to speak to members after each meeting assessing needs and how well EPX meets them.

I respect, deeply, any group of people working together to make their little corner of the world better! This is a cooperative to me. I want to work together to provide good quality food at affordable prices and reach all of South Philadelphia.

No one would describe me as timid – a force of nature is more like it! However, I am very willing to provide considerable resources and social/political collateral to the SPFC while respecting the voices of the membership.

Lastly, regarding sustainability: in one sentence. LEAVE SMALL FOOTPRINTS! From public art to the number of houses we build, to the laws we pass, to the food we eat! Make decisions, together, mindful of the future!

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