Amy Henson

2011 Board Elections Candidate Statement:

1. Tell us about yourself, work, beliefs and values and include your experiences and accomplishments with any of the SPFC organizing committees?
I am retired and volunteer for two organizations. CASA, Court Appointed Special Advocate, is working with children insuring their voice is heard in court. The other project involves senior citizens and teenagers. “The best day of my life so far” enables seniors to tell their stories, which they do mainly in writing. This project is evolving due to its success at the senior center and will now be actively involving teenagers with the hopes of giving both parties the ability to learn to support and interact with one another via a new pilot project kicking off on June 29.
I am an avid gardener and I love to cook. I believe in hard work, creativity, honesty and common sense. I have years of experience as a laborer, manager, parent, and all around good person. I work hard and am fun loving and think I would be an asset to SPFC

2. Why do you value Cooperatives?
I like the idea of spending my money in my community, where possible as well as being able to invest in something so worthwhile. I know from my experience living in Washington D.C., Philadelphia can and will prosper and this effort will make great strides toward this goal.

3. What is your definition of a Cooperative?
My definition is not unique but one that says it all, in my opinion. Cooperative is doing things with the help of others or being compliant and having a willingness to be helpful. In addition, a cooperative is an organization which is owned or managed jointly by members who use its services and facilities.

4. What is your vision of growth for a South Philly Food Cooperative?
I have found that good ideas flourish and sometimes take unexpected turns. Often unexpected growth and directions come into focus. For me, I enjoy being flexible and anticipatory so that I am able to react to the opportunities that something such as an SPFC will indeed bring.

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