Sarah’s Garden Week 25: Yellow Figs?

Help!  My fig has turned yellow!


What's happening?



Why are you yellow, fig?

From this angle you look even more yellow!

No, really:  I don’t know if this is supposed to happen or if something is horribly wrong.  The other fig is still green.  I will do some figgy research (sorry) and report back!

Now…this is embarrassing.  I am going to show you an incriminating picture of what a horrible gardener I am.  Are you ready?  Okay:



This, my friends, is the state of my garden.  Half-rotted tomatoes and so much dead foliage!  I don’t have much to say for myself except that it gets dark so early now that I have a window of about 15 minutes between when I get home from work and when it gets dark so finding time to spend out there is getting harder and harder.  But the growing season is almost over so I’ll get this stuff cleaned up soon.

In the meantime, here’s some kale:



Little curly leaves.  You’re very cute, kale.  I like you.  Please grow up nice and strong so I can eat you.

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