2011 South Philly Food Co-op Board of Directors

South Philly Food Co-op is happy to announce the election of the co-op’s inaugural Board of Directors. After fifteen months of exhausting but rewarding work, the Steering Committee has handed off leadership of the organization to the newly elected board. It’s an important milestone and one that will help propel us forward in our goal of opening a member-owned cooperative grocery store here in South Philly.

We were thrilled to see the huge turnout last night, with 75% of current membership voting, including the several new member-owners who joined on the spot. If you weren’t able to come to the meeting last night it’s not too late to join the co-op. If you’re already a member-owner, or just want to check out what we’re doing and become more involved, please volunteer or attend one of our many events.

The 2011 South Philly Food Co-op Board of Directors:

  • Alison Fritz
  • Cassie Plummer
  • Erika Owens
  • Jay Tarlecki
  • Joseph F. Marino
  • John C. Raezer
  • Josh Richards
  • Julia Koprak
  • Maria Camoratto
  • Mary Beth Hertz
  • Stephanie Rupertus

Numbers for election results are available upon request. Stay tuned for photos of last night’s meeting.

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