Join the Co-op Today!

With a year of organizing and planning under our belts, we’re pleased to announce that we have completed the incorporation process and are now able to accept member-owner applications and equity investments! This is a huge milestone for SPFC and the result of a lot of time, hard work, volunteer hours, and dedication. Thank you to everyone who has supported us along the way.

Join us for the next stage of the journey by becoming a member-owner today! As a member-owner you are the bedrock of the co-op. You will form the vision for what goods and services the co-op offers because you own the store – quite literally. So the most important thing you can do to get this co-op open is demonstrate your support by becoming a member-owner. Your equity investment will convince banks and other funders that this is a viable business worthy of financing.

Join now by downloading the application on our website. Bring it, along with your equity investment, to one of our committee or volunteer meetings, community events, or mail both to: South Philly Food Co-op, P.O. Box 31506, Philadelphia, PA 19147.

Member-Owner Investment
Our membership investment is set at $200 (for your entire household) which can be paid in full or installments with a minimum initial payment of $25. This is not a fee, or a donation, it’s a one-time investment in the store. If you are able to contribute your full $200 equity up front, we strongly encourage you to do so.

Member Benefits
As a member owner RIGHT NOW, you are entitled to:

  • The opportunity to run and vote for the Board of Directors
  • One vote on items up for general vote at all co-op general meetings
  • Ability to petition for policy changes
  • Educational Classes, Workshops
  • Discounts at participating local businesses (coming soon!)

In addition, you WILL be entitled to these once the store opens:

  • Member-only specials and sales
  • Have a say in the variety of products offered
  • May receive yearly rebates based on total household purchases and the profits made by the store – these rebates, often referred to as “patronage refunds,” are issued at the discretion of the Board of Directors
  • And, of course, we will continue to keep you well informed of our progress through regular emails and on our website so you know exactly how your investment is being used.

Please join the co-op today.

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