Nobody Bakes a Cake as Tasty as a Tastykake

Your out-of-town friends probably think we’re known for cheesesteaks, soft pretzels, or even cream cheese. Maybe it’s throwing snowballs at Santa or the late night danger of Independence Hall. Or the best starting pitching…ever.

But when it comes to sweets, many Philadelphians’ hearts and stomachs rest with the locally manufactured Tastykake. And for a while there it looked like Tastykake might not make it. Fortunately the company has been granted a temporary reprieve through the efforts of our plump former mayor/governor and $6.5 million in public and private financing. While the future is still unsure for Tastykake, it sure tastes sweet right now.

What’s your favorite? Butterscotch krimpets? Kandy Kakes? Or the fancy Tasty Klair pie?

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