New Year’s Eve Decadence

Caesar salad

A few snaps from my New Year’s Eve meal. Along with Maine lobsters and Beau Soleil oysters from New Brunswick (that would be Canada, not New Jersey) we also had all-natural filet picked up at the Reading Terminal Market’s Giunta’s Prime Shop.

What did you eat this New Year’s and where did it come from?

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7 Responses to New Year’s Eve Decadence

  1. Alison says:

    I ate tomato sauce and bread (not much offered that evening for the Vegetarian palate) at Raw Dawgs in South Philly (2nd and Morris). Your dinner looks much better!

    • In fairness to us, we spent quite a bit of time planning this meal.

      Did you see Memphis Taproom on DDD the other night? I haven’t been up there in quite a while and the various vegan dishes looked awesome. Smoked coconut club sandwich and the cauliflower tempeh both had my mouth watering.

    • Rebecca says:

      At about 3AM on 1/1/11, I was pairing cheap prosecco with cheaper mortadella. Because it was there.

  2. Steph says:

    We did pickys (what I call appetizers) – goat cheese stuffed grapes topped with pistachios, curried hard boiled eggs and candied bacon. oh, and i made a sour cream pound cake topped with a vanilla bean and peach sauce! The peaches are canned and they sell them at the Fair Food Farm Stand at the Terminal.

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